How to choose a zipper?

Zippers can be applied in many areas including garment, handbags, luggage, furniture, shoes, backpack, tent and all kinds of things you can think of. There are lots of choices and variations in zipper size, zipper type, zipper puller and many details. We are here to help you to choose the zipper suit your requirement the best.

  1. Zipper Type
  2. Zipper Gauge Size
  3. Zipper Function
  4. Zipper Tape
  5. Zipper Teeth
  6. Zipper Length
  7. Top-Stop/ Bottom-Stop
  8. Slider
  9. Puller
  10. Puller Colour

→ Looking for zipper/ trims for a specific use? Read the Collections page.

Zipper Type

Metal Zipper

Plastic Zipper

Nylon Zipper

Waterproof Zipper

Invisible Zipper

Rhinestone Zipper

Other Zipper

Zipper Gauge Size

3# 5# 8# 10#

Smaller size for small items like dress, pocket, pillow etc.

Middle size for general use.

Bigger size for heavy duty use such as tent, sail packs etc.

Zipper Function

Chain VS Finished

Open-end VS Closed-End

Two way

X-Type/ O-Type

Zipper Tape

Standard Tape

Tape Choices

Tape Colour

Zipper Teeth

Teeth Colour

Teeth Choice

Zipper Length


Min and Max

Top-Stop/ Bottom-Stop

Nylon Zipper

Plastic Zipper

Metal Zipper

Zipper Slider

Function: Non-lock VS Auto-lock



Zipper Puller





Zipper Puller Colour





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